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Burden of the Pall Bearers

I’ll be releasing the artwork and lyrics for my album After the Sun in the coming weeks. Here’s the first poem

09-Burden of the pall bearers

Burden of the Pall Bearer

As the earth it shatters

And the heavens unbound

We find comfort in the music

We find comfort in the sound

As the core is rotten

And the world is crumbling down

We find comfort in the anger

We find refuge with the proud

As the air turns ashen

And all taste has gone sour

We find comfort in the masses

We find comfort in the crowd

As the herd it scatters

And the mind goes unsound

We find comfort in the madness

We find answers in the clouds

As we find no solace

And the world is burnt out

We find comfort in the silence

We find relief in our hearts

As the earth it shatters

And the heavens unbound

We find comfort in the music

We find comfort in the sound.

06-Tri-Lateral Commissions

10-city lights

Mar – After the Sun Cover Reveal


It’s been radio silence for a while here. That’s partly due to my second child who’s now 6 months old. Now that things are getting settled at home, I can find a bit of time to work on projects.

One of which is my solo album/project titled “After the Sun” which I started writing for about a year ago.

It’s a mix of rock, doom, grunge, industrial and punk, which should appeal to either very few people or a lot of people, time will tell.

Although I won’t post any song until I have a proper video ready (it’s in the works), I’ll share the cover here and post the inner artworks in the coming weeks.

Take care,


Mar - After the Sun web cover Mar ATS back test 1

The Montreal Conundrum

The Montreal Conundrum

There’s no leader, no one better, no one breaking ahead of the pack. Everyone has to be the same, standardized over decades by a creeping nanny state that takes care of everything and where nothing gets done. Everyone the same, everyone equal. We elevate mediocrity to the ranks of greatness because of an ideological flaw. We try to give everyone a shot, sure, that is commendable, but once they are on their way to reach the sky, you put them on a six foot leash. It’s a conundrum. You want everyone to have access to opportunities but you won’t let individuals achieve greatness because we all have to be equal.

The end result is not as good as you wanted it to be.It really isn’t.

Montreal, you are a hundred page novel, a 40 minute film, you’re 14 bucks an hour. You are the greatest lover alive who can’t bring a women to orgasm. You are ordinary and you can’t seem to escape it. You’re are few inches above the bottom dwellers and you’ve been hovering there, silently drifting in circles for decades now.

You’re on fucking life support.

Admittedly it’s not your fault. That is also true. The federal doesn’t care about you, the provincial laughs at you one way or the other. You’ve been landlocked by decades of language and cultural policies, none of which came from your own needs or demands. You are the victim of pressure groups that are outside of your city limits, You are stuck in a bureaucracy to thick you can’t even put up a sign without a permit anymore and everyone wants a piece of it. Everyone wants a piece of you but gives nothing in return. You are claimed by all and supported by none. You are own your own and you’re dragging everyone else’s dead weight behind you.

They’ll come visit, they’ll drink your beer. They’ll take your money, but then call you a snob when you say you want to do more with yourself.

Turning one of my paintings into a table

I turned a painting into a work table for the job using a bunch of old legs, tampered glass shelves we had laying around and some silicone. I bought the canvas that fit with the glasses we had and used the wooden frame as support for the legs. The glue smeared on the edges, so that’s a technique I’ll have to improve, but as a prototype, I’m pretty happy about it,

MAD paintingDSC_0030DSC_0039DSC_0041

Things I’d like to Add to My Collection in 2015

I rarely blog about things I’d like to get (I mean, material things) but it’s the new years,I took time to look at what I got this year and it’s pretty good (True Detective, Stray Dogs, Summer Wars, Helix, Dark Angel, Ergo Proxy)

so here’s what I hope to add to my collection in 2015 :


Evangelion 2.22 and 3.33

Twelve Kingdoms

Aeon Flux (the original anime)

Complete my Battlestar Gallactica collection

Samurai Champloo

Spin City Season 4


Maybe I’ll afford myself 2 or 3 “random” criterion collection movies this year.

Also REALLY looking forward to NewsRoom season 3.


Books :

More of the following :  Murakami, Bukowski, Brian Wood… I discovered John McFetridge this year, probably will get more of his work too.


Rarer items :

Maybe a rare print from Becky Cloonan

A painting by Jacob Bannon

“White Trash” By Chris Makos


Music ;

Some old Bjork, Supermachiner, Bossk, Mogwai, lots of ambient, less heavy (or heavier in a more creative way) kind of music, if you know bands like that, send them my way…


that’s pretty much it.


Take care,





My 2014 retrospective

My 2014 retrospective

We are weeks away from 2015 and I feel like writing my recap right now instead of waiting on Jan 1st.

2014’s been extremely good with only one brief period of economic uncertainty that quickly resolved itself so well, I almost forgot it happened at all.

First of all, I joined the Chinatown YMCA to get my health back on track. Love it. I fucking love it. It’s not your regular jock/hipster/douchebag (whatever they’re called these days) gym. It’s the perfect mix of all things urban from the poor to the rich, from the bike courier to the office worker, artist, and Chinese old ladies that live in the buildings around. (Love them!!!)

I received a prize for “A Teenage Suicide” at the Expozine Independent Book Awards (awarded in 2014 for the 2013 edition.) So that felt good.

I completed my next novel, Grand Trunk and Shearer, that is currently in the talented hands of my editor (and generally good guy, Benoit Lelievre). It’s probably my best work so far and it’s just been fun to write.

In personal news, my second daughter was born on Nov. 14th, 2014 to the lovely name of D’Arcy Ann. She almost sleeps all her nights, and I mean we get to sleep 2 out of 3 nights and it’s improving. It’s going so fucking well.

In non-writing related endeavours, I started painting last Christmas and had my first solo show in August. It sold pretty well, in fact, I made more money from my art (in my lifetime) than from writing, go figure?!?

I also wrote and recorded my own solo songs for an upcoming project that may or may not work out. I don’t care, I’m just glad to have recorded them, even if I’d be the only one to listen to them.

In 2015, I’d like the housing market to dive just enough so I can get buy a home for my (growing) family. My wife already has her contracts set for the year, so it’s all coming down to me to A)get represented/published for Grand Trunk and Shearer or get out there and promote the fuck out of it myself while self-publishing. At this point, I’m working both plans in parallel and looking to see which one comes on top.

I’d also like to finish my first full length, shootable movie script. I’ve been putting it aside for long enough now. (Titled “Poly.”)

Keep working on “Kilo”, a graphic novel with my spouse, and “Crass” my next novel.

As for the rest : keep painting, get some riffs here and there. Translate on my down time. Keep making good food. Keep the ball rolling.

In cultural highlights for the year : Discovered Lana Del Rey…half the album is good, the other is filler, but the half that’s good is REALLY good. Discovered SUPERMACHINER, loved it, BOSSK too. Read some Lehane, Murakami and Bukowski, bought Becky Cloonan’s anthology. Tried to read some more Nietzsche, but can’t do it anymore. I read too much of the stuff in College, I just want to have fun these days.As for TV/movies, I’ve been BLOWN away by “Newsroom”. Fucking loved it.

That’s pretty much it for now

Take care,



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