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Some News : Mar and Poly



I’ve just completed two major projects, apparently the only two for 2015 (I’ll blame this lackluster productivity on my newborn baby and my job doubling my workload while decreasing my wage by 4.8%!!!!)


THAT SAID.. Mar’s “AFTER THE SUN” is shipped out to a few labels (hopefully) and my first full length script POLY will receive the same fate later today.

As for my next novel.. the secret is still valid… you’ll know who releases it early in 2016 for a Summer release of that same year.

ALSO, we’ve set up (with a few friends) an upcoming gallery expo in Montreal’s notorious old port (that’s right!!!)  (more détails after the XMAS break)

I’m going out for coffee because this basement is getting to me.

Up next : KILO (a graphic novel) – TRUE NORTH (crime novel) and CRASS (trash/poetry)

Crass, A Poem of Ordinary Havok

Crass, A Poem of Ordinary Havok

How truly painful it is to turn thirty,

And still wishing you were dead.

Once the age of discovery is gone

Once college is done with

Once you’ve outgrown punk

Or metal

Or hip-hop

And you stop fighting;

Doing what you’re told.

It is horrible,

It is crass Inching its way in the back of your mind:

It is the blank stare of a life less lived.

And I fear it is catching up to me.

Once you reflect upon yourself

Once you reflect upon your life

And realize

You didn’t go to war,

Or didn’t work for peace.

You didn’t look for art

Or science

Or a reason

Or a way

Not really anyways.

Wondering if your really tried

Wondering if you gave it all.

If you didn’t do it by now,

You might never will.

It is true.

And I am sorry,

That for every one of us that fights against destiny,

I’ve seen a thousand give up at the slightest sight of effort.

For every Jake Bannon

Every Ian Mackaye

Or Margaret Kilgallen

A million of us…

Headed nowhere

Running in circles

No moment sacred

None worth living.

The numbers are stacked up.

Ever faster,

The numbers,

Relentlessly moving forward

As Herds are gathered,

Ever closer together

Until we choke upon ourselves

And I am no fool.

I am well aware

That I am included in this.

Inching myself down the road

On my hands and knees

Forever clawing,

Forever trying to find a way

Before it all collapses…

“We are not pretty and we’re not rich,”

So it is true,

We are either grasping at straws

And the despair of hope

Or waiting to die with nothing to do

And we get to live to a hundred now,

How fucked we are.

Fashion, Old Sheds and a Backalley in Rosemont, Montreal

Yesterday was a pretty good DSC_0001evening. We had fellow parents over, had pizza…the kids ate well, then we took out a bunch of lighting kits in the alley, neighbours lend some power cords and electricity and we got to do our first (semi) pro photoshoot while the kids were painting wooden hearts and the baby was asleep…There`s nothing a few homemade/diy KINOS and 60 foot of electric cords can`t do…

I mention semi-pro because none of us were paid, but within about twenty minutes, there were two cinema tech, one fashion designer, one writer (me) and our publicist next door who were chilling in the alley to take some pictures of the shed (and my promo shot for my next book) at the same time…I guess I do live in a really cool neighbourhood.

I`ll save the best photos for when they are needed in December, but have taken the liberty of posting a few here because I wanted to… (All photos Mary Lee Maynard and Philippe Beausejour)B

D Ian 2015

C Ian 2015

F 2015 Ian

E 2015 Ian



And just because nature does not give a shit…a tree will fucking grow anywhere…


Artworks : Fuka-Eri

A quick snapshot of my tribute to Haruki Murakami still drying on the wall…

Title : Fuka-Eri

Oil on Canvas

2 x 24×24

Ian Truman – 2015


Mar – After the Sun – All Artworks

So i’ve completed my album and have finished the artwork.For those of you who wondered what I’ve been up to these last few months…here it is: sludge, doom, rock, grunge and punk with a taste for noise and industrial metal.

It’s openly inspired by late 80’s/early 90’s heavy music and aesthetics. As I am in the process of looking for a label who’s willing to release this. I’ll only post a limited number of songs in a following post. But for now, here’s the artwork.

Mar ats booklet first and last page

01-Intro02-Not So Innocent03-Panopticon04-Can't Fake It05-Non-Mechanical Errors06-Rope burn07-Tri-Lateral Commissions08-year of the dog09-Born free10-Burden of the pall bearers11-city lights12-Downers13-The fire14-After the Sun

Burden of the Pall Bearers

I’ll be releasing the artwork and lyrics for my album After the Sun in the coming weeks. Here’s the first poem

09-Burden of the pall bearers

Burden of the Pall Bearer

As the earth it shatters

And the heavens unbound

We find comfort in the music

We find comfort in the sound

As the core is rotten

And the world is crumbling down

We find comfort in the anger

We find refuge with the proud

As the air turns ashen

And all taste has gone sour

We find comfort in the masses

We find comfort in the crowd

As the herd it scatters

And the mind goes unsound

We find comfort in the madness

We find answers in the clouds

As we find no solace

And the world is burnt out

We find comfort in the silence

We find relief in our hearts

As the earth it shatters

And the heavens unbound

We find comfort in the music

We find comfort in the sound.

06-Tri-Lateral Commissions

10-city lights

Mar – After the Sun Cover Reveal


It’s been radio silence for a while here. That’s partly due to my second child who’s now 6 months old. Now that things are getting settled at home, I can find a bit of time to work on projects.

One of which is my solo album/project titled “After the Sun” which I started writing for about a year ago.

It’s a mix of rock, doom, grunge, industrial and punk, which should appeal to either very few people or a lot of people, time will tell.

Although I won’t post any song until I have a proper video ready (it’s in the works), I’ll share the cover here and post the inner artworks in the coming weeks.

Take care,


Mar - After the Sun web cover Mar ATS back test 1


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